30 plus years of experience in engineering support, design and packaging of electronic equipment.

About HiGain Design Services 

 When we started over 30 years ago doing Printed Circuit Layouts, we were on a light table using tape and dots on clear film. We would have to send the film to a camera shop to make negatives to supply to a PCB shop for fabrication. Sounds really archaic. We now use powerful computers with high tech specialized PWB design software. The one thing that has not changed over the years is the need for a trained and experienced Printed Wiring Board Designer to assist in the R&D process.

 We have designed Printed Wiring Boards over the years for Instrumentation, Telecom, Satellite Systems, Video, Remote Sensing, CableTV, Security and others. Some of the systems have been located in the most populated and civilized areas, while others in the most remote and harsh places in the world. No matter what the condition or location, a stable design is the most critical component of a system.

 We have designed circuit cards with thousands of thru-hole and SMT (surface mount technology) components and multiple layers. We have many years experience with RF, Microwave and Stripline designs. We understand the concerns and requirements needed in the mechanical and PWB integration.


Owner/Senior Designer Albert M. Gaines Jr.    

  I have been creating board layouts since 1981 when I was first employed by Scientific-Atlanta. During my 20 years there I worked in the Instrumentation Division, RF Components Group, Satcom Division and Telcom Division.

  The time in the RF Components Group was a very interesting time in my career. We used new technologies and applications to create RF products that were cutting edge for the time. I gained a lot of RF layout skills working in this environment.

  I was a part of many teams working on different digital and RF projects when satellite communications was really becoming the mainstay of many broadcast and other mainstream companies.

  I was more than eager to be one of the first CAD designers inside Scientific-Atlanta. Until this time drafting and light tables were the tools used for board layouts.

  Our division was sold to ViaSat and I continued working for them for about 2 years.

  In 2002 I started HiGain Design Services. Since that time we have worked on projects for home appliances, satellite tracking, military products, sports industry, railroad industry, printer products, wireless products and many others.

 I like helping our clients meet their design requirements with high regard to schedules, technology requirements and manufacturing needs.

  Our mission is to help you be successful. Thanks for the opportunity.